Customer Beware!

Beware of companies that charge below $15.00 per area. These companies are often bait and switch scam companies. They “bait” you in with their low price offer, and “switch” (raise) the price when they arrive in your home.

You need to ask how much for pre-treatment. You will find the price for the job is more realistic and comparable to every other company.

They also use portable machines to clean rather than truck mounted cleaners. Truck mounted is a more powerful, deep clean that extracts more moisture than a lesser powered portable machine.

Beware of “Gimmick” companies that claim they have the latest and greatest new technology in carpet cleaning. The best method is, and has always been hot-water/steam cleaning. 80% of all carpet cleaning companies use this method.

Also we advise you to beware of store bought spot lifters. These lifters often contain reducing agents (example: Oxy) that can remove the color from your carpet.

How to choose a carpet cleaner or any service you’re in need of:

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Angie’s Lists allows you to read reviews of companies that other consumers have experienced. Both good and bad. Angie’s list has a small joining fee, but well worth the money you spend. In fact, most companies on Angie’s List have special savings exclusive to all Angie’s List members. You will save more after spending the small joining fee.

Proof of the manufacturer recommends hot water extraction over other methods. Click Here to view videos.